Frame and Lens Warranties

All of our frames are warrantied for one year from date of dispense against defects and breakage. The exception would be for discontinued frames or special promotional items.

Prescription lenses are warrantied for one year from date of dispense against breaking or cracking. Scratch resistance coated lenses and anti reflection coated lenses are also warranted for one year from date of dispense against significant scratches. Replacement lenses are only made to the same (original) prescription.

Lost glasses are not our responsibility, but we will gladly offer a discount for replacement eyewear.

If you have any problem with your eyewear, please consult us right away. We will remake or fix any prescription problems for free within 45 days of dispense.

Contact Lens Warranties

We believe that annual eye examinations are necessary for the continued health of contact lens wearers. When ordering replacement lenses, expect us to require an examination if it has been over a year since the last one.

You have 30 days from the date of the last visit to contact us if you have problems with your contacts. Call right away if you have concerns or want to be re-checked or change lens types. Additional visit fees apply after 30 days from the last visit.

The cost for replacement lenses may change without notice. Remember opened or written-on multi pack boxes cannot be returned.

All contact lens wearers will have a contact lens evaluation fee that is separate from the basic eye examination fee.

Billing and Insurance Policies

Most people hesitate to ask about the cost of their medical care. Since there is a fee for our services, you are encouraged to ask any questions that you may have. We feel that once you are at ease regarding the cost of your care, we can direct full attention to your particular needs. Our established patients know that our fees are comparable to similar practices in the area, and we are happy to explain your charges.

We accept assignment for Medicare and many other health insurances and vision plans. Please have your information handy when making an appointment. Expect to be asked for both vision plan information and medical insurance information. Bring your cards or other pertinent information to your visit. You must tell us in advance if you plan to use a medical insurance or vision plan. There are some plans and insurance we do not accept. Payment is due when services are rendered unless specific arrangements are made. We do not bill.